Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Family Gatherings

I grew up in a relatively large family of 5 children. Special occasions were usually spent with my paternal grandparents and my widowed aunt and two cousins. Needless to say it seemed to be a huge crowd and my mother basked in the festivities since she had been an only child and grew up very lonely.
As an adult, we spent as many holidays together as possible, bringing our 9 children home to get to know each other and be together. The larger the celebration, the better as far as I was concerned.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving and a time to be thankful. My daughters, their husbands and 3 1/2 grandchildren were all here. My sister-in-law came with my brother, having just escaped her brush with death and spending the last 4 months in recovery. My youngest sister and her husband arrived safely in Colorado to be with their son after a horrific accident on Saturday in which their vehicle rolled several times and was totalled. My other sister came in from Alma with her husband who has had his own health issues to deal with. My oldest sister and her husband couldn't come but were in our thoughts as we were in theirs.
It was quite cool for October so we stayed cozy and warm in the house. Each of us had plenty to eat and went to bed happy and with full tummies.
As I reflect on the day I cannot help but think how blessed we have been. God has been so good to us, as a family and as Canadians.
My daughters fill me to bursting with love and pride, my sons-in-law could not be more perfect if I had picked them myself and, of course, my grandchildren are perfect and fill me to overflowing with love.
Thank you, Lord for your unspeakable gifts!

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