Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Thursday and the house is now quiet. Tori, Sue and Geoff have gone home and my husband, Terry, is watching Wheel of Fortune. Sugar, my cat, sits beside my laptop waiting for an opportunity to climb onto the keyboard, so I'll notice him.

It's summer but the evenings are getting cooler so I know Fall is on the way. Did I miss Summer? Is this a trick? Only the neighbour's lawn mower is answering.

School starts in another 11 days, without me. I don't know how I feel about that. It's been my routine for 40 years and now I have all this time to myself. I like retirement, don't misunderstand. It's the sense of loss of identity that's the issue. I had great plans for retirement, assuming that the money and energy would continue but that was a mean trick too. Now I spend my days sewing (for Christmas no less), crocheting, making "healthy" meals, painting and keeping up with the mundane tasks of a house. The trips have never materialized, as much my fault as anyone's, and the lunches out with friends... well that hasn't happened either.

But September approaches and I'm determined to be more active, make more trips to Barrie to see my daughters, son-in-law and my gorgeous grandbabies. I've even thought about taking swimming lessons.

Whatever the Fall brings, I'm ready for it. Maybe the cooler weather will inspire me .... or maybe not.

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